Puig launches the new Rally semifairing

The Catalan manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to off-road motorcycles, an upward trend among motorcyclists.

The rise of off-road motorcycles is a fact. More and more motorists are choosing this vehicle segment that combines mobility for day-to-day life and adventure on your days off.   This claim has not fallen on deaf ears and Puig has reaffirmed its commitment to this trend with the design of the new Rally semi-fairing. The new semi-fai...



The bar ends THRUSTER offer the perfect balance for your motorcycle.

These bar ends are formed by two sections: 1. Body / 2. Hi-Tech parts cap available in colors. Offered in only 1 body size.

Retrovisor Tracker

Puig els presenta el nou retrovisor Tracker que destaca per la seva elegància i senzillesa.

Puig is launching the new rear mirror Tracker featuring elegance and simplicity. ​A rear mirror at its minimum expression. The simplicity of its shape brings out a certain sense of Retro and its structure  offers maximum adjustability. It is made from billet aluminium and CNC machined, and adapts to the handlebar barend. The mirror is adjusta...


The hypernaked mirror is the balance between simplicity, and dynamism, adapted to the motorcycles of tomorrow.

The mirror offers low weight  and high modularity, due to his extension of 30 mm and its 3 axes of rotation. It is fabricated from an aluminum block, mechanized to it's form, leaving linear tool marks on the carcase of the mirror. Finally is anonyzed to reach a better surface and aesthetic finish.