Puig launches the new Screen Sport Plus cover for the Yamaha MT-07

Innovation and design have been the bases on which Puig wanted to make these new covers for the Japanese motorcycle.

The aesthetic line of the bike is the extension of the personality of each driver and has been the starting point from Puig, for the creation of these new covers Screen Sport Plus.

The Catalan manufacturer continuously works on the development of products that provide safety and functionality to the motorcycle, but always safeguarding the aesthetic aspect of the machine. On this occasion, Puig launches a new complement for the Yamaha MT-07 that will dress up the front of the bike, giving it a super naked look and offering endless personalization possibilities and providing exclusivity.

The new Screen Sport Plus cover, made from ABS material, provides a polyvalent and versatile character, which complies to the different weather conditions and inclement weather that may occur during riding.