PUIG presents the new front and rear axle slider PHB19

The manufacturer of Granollers continues to innovate in the protection of two-wheeled vehicles and launches a new front and rear axle sliders that will reinforce one of the most sensitive parts of the motorcycle against possible falls.

One of PUIG’s main objectives is to make a unique experience out of riding a motorcycle and the main mission is none other than to protect the bike from any type of mishap that we may suffer on the road.

On this occasion, PUIG presents the new front and rear axle slider PHB 19. This is a piece machined from a Nylon block, with a low weight of just 265 gr, 40mm in length and 50mm in diameter, which will guarantee integral protection for both the suspension and the swingarm thanks to the exclusive technology from PUIG HI-TECH PARTS.

PUIG has not just focused on creating a piece to reinforce and protect this part of our motorcycle, but has designed a part that dresses it with a Racing touch. A Racing look that will give the machine the character that the owner wants thanks to the customization options.

For this, PUIG offers the possibility of acquiring anodized aluminium rings with different finishes and colors among which the pilot can choose those that best suits the look of the motorcycle. It should be noted that these rings are purchased separately from the slider as spare parts.

In case of needing the replacement of any of the pieces, the Catalan manufacturer has spare parts available for both the nylon plugs and to change the color of the rings. The sliders are specific to each motorcycle model, therefore, the user must first check the model that fits your motorcycle.