New rear-view mirror Grand Tracker from Puig

The manufacturer of Granollers has managed to conceive a piece that will enhance the retro image so sought after among today’s bikers world, in addition to providing quality, functionality and mobility to the mirror thanks to its materials.

One of the main objectives from Puig is to combine the functionality and protection of its pieces with much attention to its design. This time, the objective of its development is fixed in Retro-Vintage motorcycle models, which are clearly booming among users thanks to the attractiveness of their looks. Thanks to the great acceptance of the careful design of its predecessor, with the Tracker rear-view mirror, Puig decided to continue innovating its design, by bringing the Grand Tracker mirror.

The new Grand-Tracker mirror is machined from billet aluminium, then anodized, which allows the part to be adjusted easily both in inclination and in height. In addition, it comes with an anti-glare glass to avoid any glare and make driving a safer experience for the rider.

It is a mirror suitable for handlebars of 13-18 mm inner diameter, but can be adaptable to other motorcycle models thanks to specific Puig adapters.

In search for the perfect harmony between the motorcycle’s looks and the new mirror, Puig has two finishes available that will fit perfectly with the retro appearance of the machine: anodized aluminium or black.