PUIG launches the Radiator side panels.

The new radiator side panels are designed to fulfill a double function: Protect the radiator of the motorcycle and improve its aerodynamic condition creating a continuous air flow.

Puig’s main goal has always been to improve the experience on board the motorcycle and give the rider additional protection to ensure maximum comfort while riding.

On this occasion, the Catalan manufacturer has turned its efforts into improving the front end of the motorcycle, its radiator. The protective panels are made of ABS, a highly resistant to impacts material and with a high aerodynamic performance. Such caps perform successfully the tasks entrusted to them.

First due to its location, the panels serve as additional protection for the radiator and second, they act as an aerodynamic element creating a continuous air flow that deflects outwards, improving the aerodynamic condition around the rider’s legs and protecting them from possible inclement weather.

Thanks to its sporty design and its two finishes, matt black or carbon look, the radiator side panels by Puig will fit perfectly with the looks of the motorcycle and will enhance its competitive nature.

As for the assembly, it is an easy piece to install, which does not require modifications to the original base of the motorcycle and it comes with visual instructions to facilitate its correct placement on the vehicle.