Puig launches the new Rally semifairing

The Catalan manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to off-road motorcycles, an upward trend among motorcyclists.

The rise of off-road motorcycles is a fact. More and more motorists are choosing this vehicle segment that combines mobility for day-to-day life and adventure on your days off.   This claim has not fallen on deaf ears and Puig has reaffirmed its commitment to this trend with the design of the new Rally semi-fairing. The new semi-fai...


Differences between Z-Racing and R-Racer models

The Z-Racing and R-Racer screens improve the aerodynamics of your sports motorcycle while maintaining its aggressive line. The differences between the two reside in its design and aerodynamic coefficient.

If you are looking for a screen for your sports motorcycle, in Puig you can choose between the Z-Racing and the R-Racer line. Both have been developed by Puig thanks to the knowledge acquired from the competition, working side by side with teams such as the Repsol Honda Team from MotoGP and the Kawasaki Racing Team from WorldSBK...

Side covers for the BMW S1000RR

Protect the hollow areas of the frame with Puig side covers for the BMW S1000RR, the perfect complement to your sports ride.

Every owner of a sports motorcycle knows the importance of keeping the bike protected and clean. The BMW S1000RR is one of those bikes that exudes the racing essence through each of its pores, from the looks to the last screw of its frame. Puig's engineers know this and for that reason, have devised side covers in line with the aesthetics of this s...

Puig F1.1 and GT.1 rear-view mirrors: sports essence

After the success of Puig's sport mirrors, the manufacturer launches its evolution: the F1.1 and GT.1. They allow a greater range of movements thanks to the ball and socket ball joint.

Our bike talks about us, about our character and personality. Puig accessories allow personalization to be unleashed, prioritizing material quality and safety without forgetting its great looks. The brand's catalog is full of accesories that achieve a sporty and radical look, among which are the F1 and GT mirrors.   These accesories, des...

Puig cases: find the right one for you

Puig's wide range of cases and thermal bags offer you the ideal cargo space for your motorcycle needs. Cases with up to 100 liters capacity.

Motorcycles have become another vehicle option for professionals to use through our streets. In recent years we have witnessed the increase in home service and the appearance of applications such as Glovo, in charge of delivering any product to the user's door. The increase in e-commerce and digital commerce has placed motorcycles as an agile and v...

Levers 3.0: the most advanced technology, at your fingertips

Evolution of version 2.0, the new levers 3.0 from Puig provide a completely updated design with seven colors to choose from and ergonomic improvement to make them more accessible.

Grip, touch, accessibility and drive are fundamental aspects in the levers of a motorcycle to convey confidence in riding and comfort during long journeys. To achieve a perfect attachment to the handlebar of our ride, Puig offers the 3.0 levers, an evolution of the 2.0 and that is a great technological and ergonomic advance.   Completely...

Windshield Naked New Generation for the new Kawasaki Z650 and Z900 2020

The Puig Naked New Generation Sport and Touring windshields update their design before the arrival of the latest generation of the successful Kawasaki Z650 and Z900.

Kawasaki's Z family remains the best benchmark for young and not so young riders on larger displacement motorcycles. Their quality-price balance makes them one of the most successful ranges on the market, a choice that carries over to our roads and the longevity of their range. The new Kawasaki Z650 and Z900 had to be updated to comply with the new...

First aerodynamic tests of the Honda CBR1000RR 2020

With the imminent new Honda CBR1000RR 2020, Puig is already working on the new screen designs: the Z-Racing version and the R-Racer version.

The Honda CBR1000RR is one of the most anticipated mortorcycles of 2020. Given the sure success of this high-performance R, the manufacturer of Puig components is already working on the design of new screens. The virtual wind tunnel is the fundamental tool to achieve a significant reduction in air resistance, improving the aerodynamic coefficient (...

Puig opens a product line to deal with the Covid-19

The motorcycle component manufacturer has developed acrylic panels for businesses facing the public.

The motorcycle component manufacturer has developed acrylic panels for businesses facing the public. The Coronavirus crisis has hit the functioning of our market hard, forcing the complete closure of much of our economic lung. This new reality will force us to modify some of our most rooted behaviors and has opened our eyes, placing the true her...