Puig launches new brackets for front turn signals

The brakets will allow the assembly of the Tiny, Light and Double turn signals to enhance the Bobber style of the motorcycle.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Bobber motorcycle movement was emerging in the United Kingdom. Rock and roll and speed were everything in this era and motorcycling fans wanted to capture those two passions on their motorbikes. It was a style where the lightening of the machine prevailed, looking for beauty and aesthetics at the base of the bike.

Puig has created these new brakets so you can keep that aesthetic so characteristic and special in your "bobber". Made of 2 mm steel sheet and finished with epoxy paint to maintain the "rocker" line of your bike, they allow the assembly in the front of three different types of turn signals: Tiny, Light and Double.

The brackets are made for Harley Sporster, Bobber Indian Scout, Vulcan650s and Honda Rebel.