Puig launches the new Rally semifairing

The Catalan manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to off-road motorcycles, an upward trend among motorcyclists.

The rise of off-road motorcycles is a fact. More and more motorists are choosing this vehicle segment that combines mobility for day-to-day life and adventure on your days off.   This claim has not fallen on deaf ears and Puig has reaffirmed its commitment to this trend with the design of the new Rally semi-fairing. The new semi-fai...


New Angle lighting group

Evolution of the PLA model, the new Angle lighting group enhances the central and side lighting of the license plate

Puig continues working on the design and improvement of all the accessories for your motorcycle. On this occasion and as a direct evolution of the PLA model, Puig incorporates the new lighting group for the Angle license plate holder into its range.   Made of ABS plastic, a highly resistant material against impact or splashes d...

New single Arm Mudguard from Puig

With the aim of improving comfort and protection on your two-wheeler, Puig has designed its first single-sided fender, specially designed for off-road motorcycles.

Splashes of mud, water and stones are frequent complications that arise during the off-routes that we can do with our motorcycle. Ensuring that nothing interferes with our driving and protecting ourselves against any type of object or element that could damage the rider or the vehicle is important. For this reason, Puig has designed a single-arm fe...

New Puig Z2 rear-view mirror

Differential and elegant, this is how Puig presents its new creation

With a fluid, aerodynamic and elegant design, the new Z2 rear view mirror from Puig will be the perfect accessory to mark your own style on your motorcycle. In addition, you will be able to incorporate a greater field of vision thanks to its regulation system with a ball joint that allows you to adjust your new mirror manually.  ...

Puig presents its new big box installation kit

The manufacturer of Granollers thus provides a solution for the transportation of packages / food by motorcycle

Puig continues in the line of guaranteeing a safe and reliable transport of goods by motorcycle. After creating the range of Puig big boxes (Maxi Box, Mega Box and Big Box), Puig incorporates the specific installation kit for certain models that allows you to quickly and easily mount the boxes on your scooter.   It is a metal base and ac...

Puig joins Anesdor

The manufacturer of Granollers joins the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheel Sector

Continue to evolve to be able to offer the maximum guarantees to motorcycle users, that is the goal for which Puig works. For this reason, the Barcelona accessories manufacturer has reached an agreement to join ANESDOR. 72 companies and 150 brands ANESDOR represents 72 companies in the 2-wheeled motor vehicle sector where a total of 150 brand...

Puig presents the new universal Mito windshield

A classic character to make your motorcycle safer on the road

The Catalan motorcycle accessories company, Puig, continues to work on improving the driving experience on your two-wheeler. For this reason, and as a novelty, they present the new Mito windshield.   This new piece, made of high-impact acrylic material 3mm thick, resistant to UV, will be your best ally on your vehicle since it will...

Puig engine oil plug Track

With the Track engine oil plug, with anti-loss insurance, the most experienced riders will get the final touch for their motorcycle.

The secret of a unique motorcycle lies in the smallest and simplest objects on the bodywork, those that give it a unique character that is representative of each rider. The engine oil plug is a functional and essential part of the engine, but Puig has managed to give it another meaning: customization.   The Puig Track engine oil plug ach...

Puig presents the new Marc Márquez tank pads

The Catalan manufacturer, in collaboration with the world motorcycling star, launches this new range of tank pads with the rider's designs.

Maximum protection, with a champion design. That is the maximum premise used by Puig for this first collaboration with one of the most successful riders in the history of motorcycling.   From this union, the new tank pads with the Marc Márquez seal are born. Available in three different versions; Big Ant, MM93 and ...