Puig launches the new MEGA BOX trunk

Comfort and convenience are some of Puig's most important points at the time of innovating on new design and products for the improvement of the riding experience of the motorcycle.

This time, Puig has focused his attention on the transportation of objects on the motorcycle and has created a new trunk.

The Puig Mega Box is the perfect tool to transport all kinds of items with your motorcycle, since it guarantees maximum space and care during the journey.

It is a trunk made of polypropylene, material highly resistant to impacts and with a great capacity for temperature conservation. Therefore, it is chosen by food delivery businesses for transportation services. The size is another of the advantages of the Mega Box, given its large capacity of 100 L (400mm x 560mm x 580mm).

In addition to its functionality, Puig also thinks about the product’s design, so it gives the option of three different colors: red, black or white.

The user can choose between two types of locks, one with a key or one without it. It is a waterproof and non-deformable structure that will guarantee maximum safety of the product transported during the entire journey. In the case of the locking trunk, the Catalan manufacturer provides spares.

As for its attachment to the motorcycle, the user can acquire a metal base (optional) that is offered with instructions to attach the part to the motorcycle without a problem.