Puig increases the portfolio of side protections for BMW models

The prestigious Catalan brand specializing in motorcycle accessories goes one step further in the protection and safety of both the driver and the vehicle, incorporating the new side covers for the BMW F750GS / 850GS.

In a new attempt to improve the safety and comfort of our motorcycle, Puig developed a new range of side protections in order to protect and reinforce one of the most sensitive parts of our BMW F750GS-850GS avoiding in turn possible splashes of the rear wheel on the biker's legs.

The brand manufactures the pieces in ABS material in matt black or carbon look of 4mm and transparent high impact acrylic. This component gives the piece a strong and consistent character in the face of the possible impacts it can receive and can be acquired in a wide variety of colors.

The pieces are incorporated to the motorcycle through iron supports with matte black finish, being very easy to assemble and disassemble. They adapt perfectly to the chassis and to the lines of the motorcycle, leaving the clausor free and allowing the opening of the seat with the key. In addition, you can easily access to the general areas.