Resistances For Turn Lights Of Leds

Resistances For Turn Lights Of Leds

It should be noted that most motorcycles use bimetallic relays, so their frequency depends directly on the amperage that circulates through the circuit. When replacing them, this amperage varies and therefore the frequency of the blinking also.
In case of using electronic relays, whose frequency does not depend on the amperage, it should not affect flicker.
In case we have doubts about the relay that our motorcycle uses, it is advisable to mount the turn signal and check the frequency.
The turn signal bulb should also be taken into account, in case the bulb's power varies we must replace it with one of the same power and it can be found in our catalog.
If our choice is to use an LED bulb, there are two options to balance the blink frequency:
1- One resistance must be incorporated in parallel in the circuit of the right side and another one in the left side. In the case of replacing the 4 turn signals, the resistance Ref. 42980 must be used, but if only two are replaced, the resistance Ref. 58730 must be used.
2- Identify the relay of intermittency of the motorcycle (location and number of pins) and replace it with the one that corresponds to the list that Puig offers.
In the market, there are some motorcycles that do not have a specific relay, which makes it impossible to replace them. It should also be taken into account that if more than one relay intervenes in the blinking action, replacing only one will not solve the problem.
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Resistances For Turn Lights Of Leds For Universal

Set of resistors 3,9 ohms/25w for led turn lights

If 4 turn signals are changed, please use this resistor.

Set of resistors 18 ohms/25w for led turn lights

If 2 turn signals are changed (one of each side), please use this resistor.
Mounting turn lights at the back, maintaining original turn lights.

Led bulb for turn light

These models cannot be homologated, because do not fulfill the prescriptions of the communitarian directive, their use limited for fairs exclusively, closed exhibitions and circuits.




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