Puig launches the new Rally semifairing

The Catalan manufacturer reaffirms its commitment to off-road motorcycles, an upward trend among motorcyclists.

The rise of off-road motorcycles is a fact. More and more motorists are choosing this vehicle segment that combines mobility for day-to-day life and adventure on your days off.   This claim has not fallen on deaf ears and Puig has reaffirmed its commitment to this trend with the design of the new Rally semi-fairing. The new semi-fai...


New Naked front wing

Yamaha MT-09 '17 - '20 | Ref. 3482J

The new piece designed by Puig will substantially improve the aerodynamic part of the bike, avoiding the dreaded shimmie and wheelie effects, as well as providing poise when braking.   Finding the perfect balance between the aesthetics of your vehicle and the enhancement of its dynamic qualities is one of the goals that Puig pursues. For...

Boost your style with Puig Hi-Tech Parts

New merchandising products available

Highlighting the aesthetic image and character of your motorcycle is important, but forgetting the image of the rider. For this reason, Puig launches its new range of merchandising conceived and designed exclusively for you, for the riders.   Our priority has always been to improve, personalize and indulge your two-wheeler, but as import...

Clutch lever protector

Protect the clutch of your motorcycle with the Puig protector

With the Puig Hi-Tech Parts clutch protector you can avoid any accidental contact and improve the racing aesthetics of your motorcycle. This piece, which derives from the experience of the firm in MotoGP and WorldSBK, is already available in the catalog and its website together with the brake protector.   Competition is th...

Downforce Naked Spoilers for Kawasaki Z900 | REF. 20284

The Z900 owners can now get the new Downforce Naked spoilers from Puig Hi-Tech Parts.

After the recent launched of the Downforce Naked spoilers for the Yamaha MT-07 and MT-09, they arrive for the Kawasaki Z900. With this piece, the naked take on a more sporty look and improve downforce, offering greater stability and control.   We saw the first motorcycle spoilers on MotoGP roads, more than three seasons ago. Then th...

Puig kickstand extension

With the extension for the kickstand, developed by Puig Hi-Tech Parts, it improves the stability of the motorcycle while it is parked.

Lovers of two wheels treat their machines with respect and care, even when they are parked. The manufacturer of motorcycle components Puig wants to be by the side of these owners at all times. For this reason, in its catalog you can find pieces such as the extension for the Puig kickstand.   This item has been designed to prevent possibl...

Puig scooter levers

Puig launches a new model of brake levers, ideal to emphasize the minimalist and avant-garde character of current scooters.

Cities like Barcelona are witnessing the unstoppable rise of scooters, the most successful motorcycle segment in Spain and with a wide range available to the most urban motorists. Nor is it surprising that this customer, used to showing his personality with his fashion or his plans, wants to take the aesthetics of his machine to another level. For...

Puig's new Quick Release system

Cleaning the Puig headlight protector will be very easy thanks to the new Quick Release system, developed by the designing team.

The more adventurous riders like to have their machine always ready, ready to be enjoyed and admired on whatever route arises. Puig has a wide range of headlight protectors, which help to maintain the integrity of the headlights against the impact of any stone or debri on the road. Its designs have been adapted to the current aesthetic of the marke...

New Downforce Race spoilers | Ref. 20431

Puig makes the most of his racing experience to present the new Dowforce Race wings, compatible for Ducati Panigale V2 and V4/S.

Being part of the best MotoGP and WorldSBK teams offers Puig the opportunity to develop a premium product available to everyone. An example of this is the range of Downforce spoilers, which now have the incorporation of its most radical and sport variant: the Race. This piece, born in the paddock of the World Cup circuits, can now be worn on the&nb...