Puig opens a product line to deal with the Covid-19

The motorcycle component manufacturer has developed a product line to combat the spread of Covid-19 in closed rooms.

Prevention and safety distance have become part of our routines. The new normality has been implemented with the objective of containing the spread of Covid-19 and reducing the risk of major outbreaks. In Spain, the use of masks is mandatory in closed premises and we must maintain the 1.5 meter distance between people that does not live together in the same home. Standards that are established for work offices and in shops, stores, supermarkets and even beaches. From Puig we have worked to adapt our production to the exceptional situation, designing and manufacturing a specific product line to combat the spread of the virus.


A range in this product family are acrylic cover plates. These protective screen are made of 4 mm methacrylate and can be made according to the buyer’s needs. Given that the needs will be very different, depending on the business to the public in question, Puig proposes three types of structures:



Puig has been involved in producing a line of high quality methacrylate protective screens. These protective screen are a physical barrier that help to reduce the chances of contagion of the coronavirus and other airborne pathogens and increase the safety of customers and workers. An aspect in which the adhesive kits will also help to mark the safety distance.


Keeping the 1.5 meters, respecting to the client that precedes in a queue, will be easier with these floor markers. Plus, its starting grid-style design from a Moto GP or World SBK championship will fit perfectly for dedicated motor establishments. The package is made up of 4 bars that simulate the starting positions, starting at the checkered finish line. The material used for its manufacture is resistant to abrasion, cleaning products and rubbing of the soles. When everything ends, the user himself can take it off without problems or adhesive residue on the floor.