Desktop-Display Screen with window
Desktop-Display Screen with window

Desktop-Display Screen with window

The COVID-19 acrylic protective partitions are a physical barrier that helps to increase the safety of clients and workers, reducing the chances of acquaring coronavirus and other airborne viruses. These anti-pollution screens are especially suitable for restaurants and shops with customer service such as shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and others.

  • Made of high-end acrylic with maximum clarity and 4mm thick.
  • Contoured screen with a round point finish that offers extra security against possible friction while giving a touch of elegance to the product.
  • A designed product, but with applied engineering. We offer a stylish final product, but with great stability and rigidity.
  • Easy to install (5 minutes) without tools.
  • The surface is not porous, so its disinfection is easy and simple.
  • Available in standard 900mm (base) x 800mm (height) and "custom" formats with Multiple customization possibilities (colors, laser engraving of a logo, shape-contour of the screen, ...).

For volume reasons, the shipping fee is always charged to the client. Also due to the volume, the protective screen cannot be shipped with the rest of our catalog products.

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Desktop-Display Screen with window For Universal


-Includes two acrylic supports to rest on a counter or table
-Includes two self-adhesive fasteners that help position and improve the rigidity of the screen
-Includes pass-objects window measuring 400mm x 150mm
-Ideal for businesses facing the public or in offices with shared tables


NOTE: contact Ms.: Berta ([email protected]) to request the corresponding budget that will be delivered to you in a maximum of 24 hours

-Ability to choose:
• Exterior dimensions of the partition according to web plan: measures A and B
• Measurements of the window pass-objects according to web plan: measures C and D
• WITH / WITHOUT base to rest on table or counter
• WITH / WITHOUT window
• WITH / WITHOUT holes
• Shape-contour of the screen
• Engraving of the client's logo
• Color of the support bases (black, smoked, red, blue, green or yellow)
-Ideal to have a different and personalized product




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