Stickers Kit 'Safety Distance'

Stickers Kit 'Safety Distance'

The Puig floor sticker kit has been designed following the Moto GP or Formula 1 competition aesthetics, ideal for establishments related to the motor sector.

Its function will be to manage possible customer crowds, keeping the safety distance and order in the payment line.

This kit of stickers is made up of 4 bars that simulate a starting grid for a race track such as the one in Montmeló, Jerez or Aragón. The first of them mimics the checkered design of a finish line and measures 685 millimeters long by 89 mm wide. The next three are inspired by the “arrival” position (first, second, and third) and are 622 millimeters long and 80 mm wide.

The material used is specific for floors and are highly resistant to wear. Its high quality manufacturing will wear well through time and rubbing against the client's soles. Its placement is simple and durable since it has the property of adapting to all types of surfaces and even to the joints between the tiles. In turn, when you decided to remove the stickers, it can be done without effort and above all without leaving stains or adhesive residue.
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Stickers Kit 'Safety Distance' For Universal


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