Great performance CX pilots at Motorland Aragon

Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira finish sixth and eighth, respectively, in the Grand Prix of Aragon, and get points for the fourth consecutive race Marquez Álex ends 15 and returns to the points

For the fourth consecutive race, Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira have gotten back to score. CatalunyaCaixa Pilots have finished sixth and eighth, respectively, in an electric Aragon Grand Prix. Both drivers race filmed largely with the front group, and even Rins has come to lead the test twice. In turn, Álex Márquez finished in 15th position, thus returning to the points.
A great performance that has begun to take shape in the warm-up in the morning, which finished fifth Rins, Oliveira was tenth and 16th Marquez. With only half the dry training, CatalunyaCaixa pilots have taken a step forward this morning, and no clouds or rain in MotorLand. The prelude to the race. After a good start-Rins started from the 10th position and Oliveira in the ninth-and heat into the tires, the drivers have increased the pace CX-2'01 and 2'02-low game and have the front group. Rins has reached the third position and after a great duel with Efren Vazquez, Sandro Cortese Zulfahmi Khairuddin and, especially, has reached the test lead on laps 12 and 13. Oliveira, in turn, has come to roll in the third position, also forming part of cyclothymic first group of eight pilots, in which the exchange of positions has been the common denominator of the 20 laps of the Grand Prix of Aragon to Moto3 .
In the end, Rins has crossed the finish line in sixth position and was eighth Oliveira, confirming the good form of both drivers in this second part of the season. In turn, Márquez, who started from 18th position, has managed to finish 15th and has scored yet another point in the standings. With 16 points, the young rider from Cervera is 21 º. Rins, in his first year at the World Cup has scored points in 10 of the 13 races total 106 points and is fifth in the standings, ranking second in the rookie of the year. Oliveira is ninth with 74 points.
After the meeting at home, CatalunyaCaixa pilots face the Asian tour, which will begin on October 12 with the holding of the first free practice of the Grand Prix of Japan at Motegi.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 8th Grand Prix of Aragon, the 1972 winner, 9th overall with 74 points:
"It was a fun race. The track temperature has conditioned the tire wear, although we knew that the race was not going to be easy. The most important thing is that we finished near the front of the race, even though we lacked power, especially in the line is where we have suffered more. The first part of the race was positive and ended with good feelings. Now we turn to Japan, a circuit completely new to me, so we have much work to do "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, 6th place Aragon Grand Prix, the 1765 winner, 5th overall with 106 points:
"At the start I've been a little late, but have gradually been moving and have recovered positions in the early laps. I've given everything for me, although it is clear that the power difference has conditioned our final result. However, we should be happy with the work done. I want to thank all of my surroundings and all the people who support me. Anyway it has been a beautiful race and that gives us strength to face the Japanese Grand Prix with more enthusiasm if possible ".
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 15th in the Grand Prix of Aragon, 15,041 in the championship, 21 th overall with 16 points:
"We left far behind and no one knew the pace would each pilot. When we left, the pace was very strong, it has been a very-fought race as it was shot very fast. We have to improve in the qualifying session, and we left behind and the front group always imposes that second and a half at the beginning of a long career after recovering costs. In the race we got up four positions, but in the end we are left with the rear tire gradient. In Japan we hope to improve and get hooked with the front group. "