Fifth Espargaró podium, which in three races has halved its disadvantage with the leader.

Espargaró finished third at Sachsenring, his fifth podium of 2013, and added seven points over Briton Scott Redding. Tito Rabat has pulled epic to add two points to the left ankle injured and Axel Pons has been at the gates of the Top 15 (16th)

Pol Espagaró has moved a step closer to the lead, 47 points the last three races has gone to 23 with ten Grand Awards contest, after finishing third in Sachsenring (Germany) and add the fifth podium of 2013. Polyccio has been first and led the race seven laps to go, when I happened Jordi Torres and lost second place on the last lap when he was overtaken by Simone Corsi. Tito Rabat, injured and left foot pain after the fall in non-training, has overcome the race, climbing nine positions and finished 14th, putting two points in the bag and holding third place overall. Axel Pons, operated compartment syndrome of the right arm ten days ago, also noted for his comeback, eight posts, and doors finished in the points. Three. POL ESPARGARÓ "I'm happy with this podium and have reduced the gap to the leader, although it is true that the loot has been greater. At the Circuit de Catalunya were to 47 points and three runs later at 23, half, so the key is to keep working, pushing, winning when you can and adding maximum points when not possible. I started well and was monitoring the situation, but eventually I happened Torres, who was fresher tires, and I could not follow. Corsi also happened to me in the last corner and I tried to recover the second, but the risk was too high and I cut to zero not to let work all weekend. Congratulations to Jordi Torres, who has carefully worked hard to get here and their success shows that with effort you can get where you want. " 14. TITO RABAT "They have been the two most worked in my career, because during the warm-up was in pain and was not even sure he could run. I took the race calmly concentrated on not making mistakes and in the end I managed to overcome nearly two positions despite the pain and cramps. The fall was a shame and this has conditioned us all weekend, so now touch recover and return stronger in Indianapolis. Take this opportunity to congratulate him on his victory Jordi Torres because he is a hard worker and be deserved an award like this. " 16. AXEL PONS "I came to Germany first with the intention of seeing how it was my right arm after surgery, for a little over a week to correct compartment syndrome and the result has been positive. I finished the first of my group, very close to the points, and most importantly, I have done can tighten up the back as he did last time he could not. It took me pick up the pace, as in all training, but then everything went well and hope to continue to progress around the holidays. I want to thank Dr. Mir for the great work and the team to continue working and be patient with me when he could not pay his playing ". CAREER 1. J. Torres (Suter), 41.19.636 Two. S. Corsi (Speed ​​Up), to 2,164 Three. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), to 2,494 April. J. Simon (Kalex) at 5.409 May. A. De Angelis (Speed ​​Up), to 7,546 14. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), to 25,551 16. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), to 36,247 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1. S. Redding (Kalex), 143 points Two. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 120 Three. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 88 April. D. Aegerter (Suter), 83 May. M. Kallio (Kalex) 81 24. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), 2 WORLD BUILDERS 1. KALEX, 186 points Two. Suter, 139 Three. Speed ​​Up, 73 April. Motobi, 18 May. Tech 3, 7