Valuable fourth place for Álex Rins and Álex Márquez fall

Rins overcomes a difficult race and teammate Marquez goes unrewarded while fighting for the podium.

Heads and tails for the two wards of Emilio Alzamora at the Grand Prix of the Americas. After a good practice for both Álex Rins and Álex Márquez for today neither has had the reward they expected. Rins has finally become a valuable fourth place , while his teammate Marquez , immersed in the fight for the podium until the last lap , has been dropped two corners from the end that has prevented him from continuing.   At the start, the two Alex stood at the head group . Miller , winner of the first Grand Prix in Qatar and winning again in Austin has set a high pace from the first lap , leaving the rest of the hook quickly squad except Vazquez . Fenati Marquez first and later were able to reach the duo escaped midway through the race, but Rins has had to settle for leading the second group ahead of Kornfeil .   On the last lap , Márquez has fallen braking hard on the penultimate corner and was his teammate , Alex Rins , who finally entered fourth goal.   After this result , Rins ranks fourth in the overall standings with 24 points and teammate Marquez sixth with 20 .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio CAT 4th at 7182 seconds "We have improved a bit out about Qatar , but it also meant a lot to put the bike up for the entire weekend. When going behind Alex [ Marquez ] saw that eluded me , trying to brake very late and this is where I failed more . Seeing that he could not keep pace , I decided to think about the points and try not to make any mistakes . So it's been a bad yet good result achieved today . "   Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio CAT fall "We have not gone too well and early career has taken me to spend as much as Kornfeil Rins . When I did, I went to the front group , where Vazquez and Miller were , and when I caught I was very good on the bike , I could keep up without problems. But in the final laps were much degraded me tires and was very limit in each curve was about to fall and end in the penultimate , I walked a little . the line and I've gone to ground was a shame because we were having a good race Errors like this are not to be repeated , . we have to look forward and keep improving the bike. "