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Sport Screen for motorcycle KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 2022

Puig's Sport screens are designed under the concepts of aesthetics and functionality in equal parts, for riders looking for an accessory that enhances the look of their bike. These screens match the lines of the bike thanks to the different colors available. In turn, they aerodynamically protect the rider by offering a clear and optimal field of view for relatively short trips or urban riding. 

Its compact dimensions, slightly smaller than the original screen if any, provide the rider with remarkable protection and a feeling of comfort, as well as a sporty aesthetic without diminishing the rider's field of vision. 

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the most advanced technologies, Puig Sport domes are made of 3 or 4mm thick acrylic material, available in various colors. 

Its finish has rounded edges to offer maximum safety, complying with German TÜV regulations. 

All Sport screens come with their aerodynamic study comparing our screen with the original in order to see the results extracted from the virtual wind tunnel and its real performance.

Check if the part number is homologated by the German KBA and if it is already included in the homologation in the DOCUMENTS section.

Product’s information

The Sport screen provides a personalized and sport aesthetic while providing correct aerodynamic protection, leaving the field of vision free for the rider.

Due to its compact size it is ideal for short trips and urban trips.

Its sharp lines offer a sport character to the motorcycle that mounts this screen.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, ​​this screen is made of 4 mm thick acrylic material, a high gamma material resistant to UV and chemical agents.

Its height compared to the original screen is 55mm lower. Available in various colors: Smoke, Dark Smoke, Clear and Black.

Easily installed in approximately 15 minutes using allen and torx keys.

Its contour with a rounded edge prevents the rider from being injured by the edge of the windshield in the event of an accident, in accordance with the German TUV homologation.

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Sport Screen For KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 2022


55 mm. lower than the original
Thickness: 4 mm

Before and after

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