Trail Footpegs
Trail Footpegs
Trail Footpegs
Trail Footpegs

Trail Footpegs for motorcycle Kawasaki Z900 2021

The Puig trail footpegs are specially designed for tourer-type motorcycles and offer maximum grip and comfort to the driver in any circumstance thanks to the rubber installed in the contact area of the boot. These footpegs are made of anodized aluminum and are distinguished by their modern and sporty design, designed to become the ideal component for the most versatile bikes and an attractive touch of personalization.

They measure 85 mm long and 51 mm wide and weight only 130 gr. Ergonomics is a priority during development and has increased its free height to the ground. Consequently, the bike has a greater angle of inclination. They are adjustable on rotation and marks have been engraved on the body to ensure a more precise assembly.

The trail footpegs provide the driver with greater confidence while riding his bike, both at a fast pace on twisty roads where more precision and tact is required, and on long journeys on open roads where many hours are spent on of the motorcycle.
As part of the Puig tuning range, the trail footpegs are available in a wide variety of colors, which allow the biker to choose his ideal combination to match his device: blue, black, gold, silver, red, orange and green.

For the assembly, parts of the original footpegs are used and for each motorcycle the driver and passenger fitting kit must be purchased separately.
They have the TÜV certification and the ABE document.

Models of Footpegs

  • Racing Footpegs
  • Sport Footpegs
  • Vintage Footpegs
  • R-Fighter Footpegs
  • R-Fighter S Footpegs
  • Enduro Footpegs
  • Trail Footpegs
  • Heritage Footpegs
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Trail Footpegs For Kawasaki Z900 2021

Footpegs by pair TRAIL MODEL

TRAIL footpegs cannot be mounted for the passenger due to its width. Nevertheless, other footpegs such as RACING, SPORT, R-FIGHTER, R-FIGHTER S, VINTAGE, HERITAGE can be mounted for the passenger.

Head by Pair Standard Kawasaki Z900 2021

Head by pair pilot

Required to mount the footpegs

  • Black REF. 6449N

Adjustebale Adapter Kawasaki Z900 2021

Adjustable adapter kit for rider

Requires 20mm adjustable relocation kit to mount this item. You could not mount 40mm adjustable recolation kit.

Needed to install footpegs.

  • Black REF. 20233N

Relocation Kawasaki Z900 2021

20mm adjustable footpegs relocation adaptors kit

20mm relocation brackets. This offset along with the adjustable footpeg adaptor allows you to move the footpeg relative to the original position in a 20mm radius and at 15 degrees intervals.

  • Black REF. 3838N

Trail rubber by pair (Spare).

  • Grey REF. 7321U




Mounting Tips

Technical features


    They incorporate marks for a correct regulation

  • ​Check the ABE HOMOLOGATION document if the product is homologated for your motorcycle
    Ergonomic increase of headroom


    In tilt


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