R-Fighter Footpegs
R-Fighter Footpegs

R-Fighter Footpegs

The R Fighter footpegs are designed for the most racing riders, who need to have the maximum support and total confidence in the most compromised situations when they are riding their motorcycle.

The design of this component is inspired by the teeth of a gear. It is of light construction, since it is machined on an anodized aluminum block, which also provides a better surface and a higher quality finish.

The entire contour of the R Fighter footpegs offers the rider an optimum grip regardless of the position of the boot, which translates into the greatest possible safety in any circumstance, regardless of the type of driving that is being carried out at any time, be it on a tourist route, alone or with a companion, or searching for limits in a circuit on trackdays.

The range of footpegs R Fighter consists of the R model, metallic, and the model S, which has a rubber case that eliminates engine vibrations, which gives the rider greater comfort when riding.

Models of Footpegs

  • Racing Footpegs
  • Sport Footpegs
  • Vintage Footpegs
  • R-Fighter Footpegs
  • R-Fighter S Footpegs
  • Heritage Footpegs
  • Trail Footpegs
  • Trail 2.0. Footpegs
  • Enduro Footpegs
  • Enduro 2.0. Footpegs
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Mounting Tips

Technical features

    They incorporate marks for a correct regulation

    In inclination

  • DESIGN: 
    Its new design offers maximum ground clearance

  • ​Check the ABE HOMOLOGATION document if the product is homologated for your motorcycle


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