Front Deflectors
Front Deflectors

Front Deflectors for motorcycle Honda CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN ADVENTURE SPORTS 2020

The protection against the wind is a fundamental part of your bike and PUIG knows how important it is to help achieve the best aerodynamic coefficient of our screens. For this reason we have developed these deflectors compatible with PUIG screens and designed to fit perfectly with its design and assembly, without fitting problems or unwanted gaps.

The deflectors include the assembly instructions for a correct fitting with our screens, as well as a study on the aerodynamic benefits of joining both accessories of the PUIG brand.

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Product’s information

The front deflectors for the 2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 are a remarkable aerodynamic help for the rider’s protection.

Despite its small dimensions, its effect is very noticeable in the rider’s arms and shoulders zone, increasing aerodynamic protection to 92 and 98% in these areas of the body.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the most advanced technologies to offer you a quality product, light and resistant. The front deflectors are your ally to make riding your motorcycle more comfortable.

With a design integrated into the motorcycle and with simple lines, they are made of high-impact acrylic material 3 mm thick and with a rounded edge for greater safety for the rider.

They are available in clear, light smoked and dark smoked colors for maximum personalization of your motorcycle.

Its supports of 2 mm iron finished in matt black are resistant, modest and easy to assemble.

The assembly of the deflectors is very simple, they are assembled following the detailed step-by-step instructions, which are supplied in paper and digitally on the web, in less than 15 minutes.

The deflectors are compatible with the original Puig handguards and handguard extensions, as well as all Puig screens for this model.

Its shape and placement are carefully designed to divert air from the upper area of ​​the rider’s arms and shoulders, areas that are normally unprotected and that generate long muscular fatigue in long drives.

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