Un spectaculaire Alex Rins retour 23 postes dans la pluie

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa, with a small fracture in his little finger of his right hand, ending third in the French Grand Prix and gets his first podium at the World Miguel Oliveira is dropped without consequences, while leading the race

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Rins Alex has achieved today his first podium in the World Championship after finishing third in the Grand Prix of France. A memorable podium, as the youngster from Barcelona, ​​who yesterday suffered a small fracture in his little finger of his right hand, has managed to trace, in the pouring rain, 23 positions in one of the most difficult races of the season. His teammate, Miguel Oliveira, has been dropped, without consequences for the pilot, while leading the race.
Rins never forget the 2012 French Grand Prix. In a weekend-cyclothymic yesterday suffered a crash in qualifying and was doubtful for today's race due to a small injury to his right hand, the pilot CatalunyaCaixa starred in a historic performance after trailing 23 positions and get a first incredible podium. Rins, who started 26 th, and 10 positions has been recovered in the first round. Turn after turn, the rookie has been gaining ground. At just 16 years, has made an exhibition Rins driving on the slippery asphalt and French on lap 21, with the fall of Sandro Cortese, the young driver has already moved to third. And despite the attacks of Niccolo Antonelli (4 °) in the latest twist, Rins has defended a master's position, crossing the finish line in third place, euphoric, among the congratulations of his team, who have done a titanic throughout the preseason and in this early season.
In turn, Miguel Oliveira, who started from third position, started the race with a clear strategy: not to risk being left behind one iota during the early laps. And since 10 th place, the Portuguese, very comfortable in the wet, has made another comeback to get the lead electric test on lap 13. But a fall, two laps later, truncated expectations Portuguese, who was shooting at a rapid pace and was distancing himself from his pursuers.
With the podium today, Rins climbs to fifth in the standings with 44 points. Oliveira, in turn, with 11 is 16 degrees. The next appointment for the CX pilots will be at the Circuit de Catalunya, with the dispute on June 3 Grand Prix of Catalunya.
Alex Rins CatalunyaCaixa pilot, 3rd place in the Grand Prix de France, 28,899 in the first-placed 5 th overall with 44 points:
"I still do not think so. It was an unexpected result because we have left in position 26. I started with the aim of enjoying the race and do my best. During the race several riders have fallen and this has allowed me to go up positions and motivate me even more, and finally, I could finish third which is a great result. The hand did not bother me much, yesterday I broke my little finger but before the race I have done an infiltration and I could go without many problems. "
Miguel Oliveira, pilot CatalunyaCaixa, nc, fall, 16 th overall with 11 points:
"I've done everything we asked. At the start of the race we would have taken very calm and the weather conditions were very difficult for everybody. I was following the first, always behind inadvertently set the pace in no time. This was our plan but I've been falling Faubel just up ahead. My goal was still to maintain my own pace but the fall has truncated the entire race. The conditions were really bad and that is hold off on the bike was the one who would win. And so it proved. I want to apologize to my team and I think did not deserve this. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"We are pleased by the outcome of Alex Rins, that being his first year in the World is showing great potential. In fact, his job is to keep adding miles and experience in the World Cup but today, we have again shown their worth. Miguel Oliveira has made some good workouts and as for the race today, we know, is a lottery. Had raised a very smart race and also had a very good and consistent pace but the slightest mistake in these conditions is at a premium. "