Miguel Oliveira, fifth in the Malaysian Grand Prix

Teammate Alex Rins finishes seventh, up to fourth place overall and is the first ranking rookie of the year Álex Márquez is fourteenth and returns to finish in the points for the third consecutive Grand Prix

Pilots CatalunyaCaixa Álex Rins and Miguel Oliveira, debutantes in Sepang, have returned to complete a great career and have finished in the fifth and seventh respectively in the Malaysian Grand Prix. Thus, both drivers scored points for the sixth consecutive race. Meanwhile, fellow rookie Alex Marquez was 14th and returned to the points for the third Grand Prix followed.
After a good start, in which Oliveira started from the fifth position and Rins from the eighth, both drivers started the race in the top ten riders. Progressively, Rins and Oliveira are up the pace and have been shot by the second group of riders, with Luis Salom and Danny Kent, who has formed. After an exchange of positions between them, despite the onset of rain flag with nine laps of the race, Rins and Oliveira have returned to complete an exciting career. In the end, the Portuguese has crossed the finish line in fifth place and Rins, more delayed after a touch with another rider in the seventh.
Marquez, who started from the 24th position, has managed to climb 10 positions and finished in the 14th place. The Cervera has managed two more points and already has 20 in the general classification of Moto3, which occupies the 21st position.
With today's race, Rins up to fourth place overall with 128 points and is first in the ranking rookie of the year with two more points than Fenati Romano. His teammate, Oliveira has also climbed the rankings and is eighth with 94 points.
Without rest, the riders will travel CatalunyaCaixa Australia, where the next weekend will be held at Phillip Island the 16th race of the season for members of the Moto3 category. The third test in three weeks, in time, more than positive tour of Asia and Oceania.
Miguel Oliveira pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 5th in the Malaysian Grand Prix, the 8674 winner, 8th overall with 94 points:
"It was a very difficult race. Keeping up with the KTM has been really difficult because in the first round opened a hole that we could not recover later. Physically it has been one of the toughest races we've played. When it started raining, I was comfortable and confident with which I could approach the front group. Despite the hardness of the test are satisfied with the result so I hope to continue the progression in Phillip Island. "
Alex Rins pilot CatalunyaCaixa, ranked 7th in the Malaysian Grand Prix, the first 18,973 placed 4th overall with 128 points:
"The race was very tough and demanding. We started the race well, pulling hard and trying to get together with the first group as they passed though the turns the bike behind me was going to open the gas. So when Kent was behind, coming out of a curve we touched since, to him, jumped the deadlock and could not do anything about it. In the end it was a shock. I'm happy with the career I've done since has been extremely challenging physically. "
Álex Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa pilot, ranked 14th in the Grand Prix of Malaysia, 31,313 in the championship, 21 th overall with 20 points:
"We went from so far behind, at first, we only had to overcome. We've done pretty well and when we contacted the third group we have been somewhat stagnant since the straights was very difficult to overtake. We must improve in qualifying sessions but overall I'm satisfied with the work we have done over the weekend. "
Emilio Alzamora, Team Manager:
"It was very complicated. I congratulate all of them because the conditions that have struggled have not been easy. Miguel, has managed the career of a very smart and eventually was able to get a good result. Meanwhile, Alex Rins continues to surprise us all and that is completing a very consistent first season, is fourth overall in what is his first appearance at the World Cup. Álex Márquez has also done a very good performance as it came from far back and the comeback was not easy. The team, like every weekend, has done a great job and it shows in the results. "