HP Tuenti historic double 40 at the Circuit de Catalunya

Espargaró has achieved the second victory of the season in an excellent career, Tito Rabat entered second to only 81 thousandths and Axel Pons has scored the first two points of the season

The 40 HP Tuenti has written the best script possible in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, signing a double, Espargaró first and second Tito Rabat, Axel Pons coming first in the points this year. The Circuit de Catalunya, a few miles from home, is the second win of Pol Espargaró in 2013, after Qatar, the sixth in Moto 2 and eleventh in his career, for a total of 36 podiums (15 in Moto2 and 21 in 125cc). Polyccio had never won in Catalunya and has drawn the spine with a remarkable career and beating by just 81 thousandths of a second to his teammate Tito Rabat. After two runs with problems, and an initial difficult weekend, Tito Rabat career was exceeded, following Pol at first, leading the race in its middle and fight for victory until the checkered flag. After this double, and fourth time and Tito Pol cited on the podium three sharing box, Espargaró back from fifth to second place in the World to 35 points now Scott Redding, and Tito Rabat is third, 39. Axel Pons, who started very late, has been outstanding going up 15 positions and achieving the first two points of the season. 1. POL ESPARGARÓ "Today I have realized a dream he had since childhood, winning on the circuit that I have close to home and get out of their seats to Espargarins and all the fans. It was a very difficult race because in the grill off me 'display' and completed the whole race blindly without partial information, times, revolutions ... And has slashed the rear tire with two laps to the end and if it lasts half turn could not contain the attack of Titus. I started well and I started to pull, trying to escape or stretch the group. The first has not been possible, but the latter. Halfway through the race, as he had no information on the screen and I guided only by the board, but I pass to Titus to study him and make sure Luthi and Redding were away. With six laps to go I decided to pass and change the pace, but the tire is broken and I had to plug holes the last lap and a half to not keep the win. The sense of joy was indescribable, because at home never achieved the desired result more than anywhere else in the world. We have become the world's second, distance Redding is less and we must keep working because we still have 11 races and time to achieve our goal. " Two. TITO RABAT "I've tried until the last minute and I was very close to victory. Congratulations to Pol for his victory and because for has been the strongest, and the whole team 40 HP Tuenti this doublet has resisted both. Our weekend began with problems and gradually, and with hard work of the entire team, we have been solving. I think I made a smart race, following Pol first to open space, after leading the race and end up attacking the goal. After two races with negative results this second place us back confidence and be able to fight for the podium in all circuits. " 14. AXEL PONS "In the warm-up we tried a different configuration of the classification and the bike has made a radical change, which ultimately allowed me to score the first two points of the season despite leaving 29 º. I match well, my pace was as the top ten most of the race and little by little I have been beating rivals to 14th place. It has cost me points Brand's locker, so now I hope to continue in this line and go closer to the Top 10. CAREER 1. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 41.17.307 Two. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), to 0.081 Three. T. Luthi (Suter) at 6.264 April. S. Redding (Kalex), to 9,061 May. T. Nakagami (Kalex) to 9061 14. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), to 31,757 WORLD PILOTS 1. S. Redding (Kalex), 114 points Two. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 79 Three. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 75 April. M. Kallio (Kalex), 65 May. D. Aegerter (Suter), 61 23. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), 2 BUILDERS WORLD 1. KALEX, 145 points Two. Suter, 98 Three. SpeedUp, 47 April. Motobi, 18 May. Tech 3, 4