Assen, witnessed the second consecutive win for Pol Espargaró in 2013

HP Tuenti pilot l 40 has emerged victorious from the duel with Scott Redding, who has recovered five points overall in the World. Tito Rabat made ??a mistake on the last lap and lost the podium. Physical problems for Axel Pons (22 °).

Has emerged victorious Espargaró an exciting heads up with Scott Redding, Moto2 championship leader, to get the third win of the season, seventh and 12th in Moto2 World Championship. HP Tuenti rider 40, who started from pole position at Assen, The Cathedral of motorcycling, has led the most laps, has been left shortly after the final pass to study his opponent and the path to success and ended beating his opponent in the fight for the crown in 117 milliseconds. With this result Polyccio has cut Britain's five points, leaving them at 30 after having been on 47 to get to the Circuit de Catalunya just two weeks ago. Tito Rabat has made a remarkable career without prize, to make a mistake on the last lap, when the hardest thing was done, and be overcome by Dominique Aegerter and Mika Kallio, losing a podium that had been earned. Tito, fifth on Dutch soil, is third overall, although the first two have opened a little gap. Axel Pons, meanwhile, has made a good start, sparking a comeback that has been truncated to suffer back problems in his forearm that need urgent solution before the next meeting at Sachsenring (Germany). 1. POL ESPARGARÓ "I am very pleased to have achieved this victory in Assen, The Cathedral, after achieved in Catalunya for two weeks and keep cutting points to Redding. We again achieved the pole position and victory, becoming more confident and engaged fully in a positive dynamic. It was a tough race, in which I tried to detach myself a couple of times and did not get it I gave everything to tip the balance in my favor on the last lap. Scott was faster than me in the first set and I changed the paths to not pass me because I knew that if it came first to the second part of the circuit's triumph was not going to escape. I think I made a smart career prize and we must continue risking knowing that a fall is a disaster and Redding left behind, too. " May. TITO RABAT "I had a good race and I had the podium to hand, but I made a mistake on the last lap and has flown. Pol and Redding have escaped me and get me to the front side of the second group. When I got it I have started to roll like the two-headed, but with discomfort in the arm because I was asleep and unable to detach from Aegerter, Kallio and Zarco. A little end I lost the bike in front, I have spent two pilots and I'm out 'drawer' without a handful of points. A shame but it is only looking forward, first in Argentina and then test in the race in Germany. " 22. AXEL PONS "I started the race pretty well, riding at a good pace and tracing half-dozen positions, mid-career but I have been sleeping the arm and I could not drive. I've come to think about retiring, because I had nothing and I was force along each curve, but in the end I was able to finish and next week we will take steps to prevent this return to be repeated and can physically drive one hundred percent of my chances. " CAREER 1. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 39.51.883 Two. S. Redding (Kalex) at 0.117 Three. D. Aegerter (Suter), to 3,509 April. M. Kallio (Kalex), to 3,656 May. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), to 3,993 22. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), to 40,301 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1. S. Redding (Kalex), 13 points Two. POL ESPARGARÓ (TUENTI HP 40), 104 Three. TITO RABAT (TUENTI HP 40), 86 April. M. Kallio (Kalex) 78 May. D. Aegerter (Suter), 77 24. AXEL PONS (TUENTI HP 40), 2 WORLD BUILDERS 1. KALEX, 170 points Two. Suter, 114 Three. SpeedUp, 53 April. Motobi, 18 May. Tecch3, 7