Alex Rins, Vice World

The Spaniard has struggled for the title until the last corner with Viñales, who has proclaimed Moto3 World Champion. His teammate Alex Marquez was fourth.

Alex Rins has proclaimed today Moto3 World Championship runner-up in the Valencia track , after finishing third in the final race of the season. As expected , the race was a duel between Rins , Salom and Viñales , who have played the title in 24 laps of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo . Alex Marquez , after a good start , finished in fourth position commanding the second group. The test has been something of the three drivers who have dominated all season and they were going to play the title in the final round of 2013 . With Viñales , Salom and Rins front, Folger and Miller kept aspiring Trio wheel , but have never come to get into the fight for the final victory . On lap 14 , Salom fell and was out of the fight for the title : World Viñales was Rins thing . Viñales has held the lead until jumper with 3 laps to go, time has taken command Rins and this has led to some frantic last laps , in which both drivers have advanced numerous times. Finally and although he has tried Rins curve to the finish of the last turn , Viñales has maintained its position and Folger has used this maneuver to enter the second goal , a thousandth Rins ahead of third. With this result , Rins season finished second and teammate Alex Marquez , now fourth , has occupied the same spot in the World Cup final classification Moto3 .   Álex Rins >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 3rd- 0.187seg . "Reaching the final corner fighting for the championship title, having had two zeros in previous races , I leave nothing disappointed. Has been an incredible battle for me , never had fought so hard and this year I had never learned so much . Try to win World Cup next season , but will not be easy . 's strategy today to end has not come out quite as expected, because obviously we wanted to win , but overall the race itself has been as imagined. 've had a little scare to principle and perhaps in this race my engine did not accelerate as those of others , but I'm happy also for the season we have done. would also like to thank the team , because both good and bad times I have been clothing " . Álex Márquez >> Audio >> Audio (cat ) 4th to 13,666 sec . "It was a difficult race . Entire weekend meant a lot to prepare the bike and we had the bonus that had the front . Finally we finished in fourth place and I think that 's okay, because as we got to the race, we were not one hundred percent . attempt to analyze what happened , so we will not happen again next year . now time to rest and quickly pass the winter to work towards next year . "