Álex Rins shrewdly imposed

The young Repsol rider Salom takes an overtaking on the penultimate corner well worth a victory. Marquez mate, fifth, again making a superb career.

Álex Rins has added its second victory of the season and maintains your options of fight for the title. The young pupilo of Alzamora has managed to overcome an adverse situation in the three last laps, when has seen as Salom took command of proof and was escaping four tenths to the front. His companion Álex Márquez, in a new sample of its great capacity to suit unknown circuits, has returned to perform a great performance, finishing fifth by little more than 5 seconds of Rins, after have rolled good part of the race fourth. When booting the race, Rins is has put in charge and has begun to pull hard. He quickly have marked differences among the first and the rest of platoon, with Viñales and Salom following closely to Rins, and something more retarded Miller, Márquez and Folger. As we sailed along the twists, Folger has lagged off hook, while Márquez would lose touch with the three first that put course to podium. Rins has remained to front of the group during all laps of the race except at the end, when to lack of three turns, Salom has taken command and has opened a small gap respect to Rins and Viñales. During the latest twist and when it seemed all sentenced, Rins has decided not giving up and thanks to a braking masterful in the penultimate corner in the descent, has overtaken Salom. Its action has not allowed response and has entered into meta victorious, followed by Salom and Viñales. By behind, Márquez has been disputed the fourth position with Vazquez and Oliveira. Finally Portuguese has surpassed him in the penultimate spin and Márquez has entered meta fifth, a great result in its first weekend in plotting germano. After this result, Rins maintains the third position in the general classification by behind Salom and Viñales-to 30 points of Salom-, and Márquez is fifth.   Álex Rins 1 º - 39:34.735 "'m Very happy. Al principle of the race I tried escape a little, to see if it could reduce the group; but I saw that exceeded the Ecuador were still unless half-second, so I've decided let pass to Viñales or Salom for power study them a bit and not I do all wear front. But Viñales could not go so fast and I've again ahead, until in the final laps has attacked me Luis [Salom] and has thrown very strong. That has motivated me to go ahead and not throwing the towel to power get the victory. In the penultimate corner I could pass him and arrive first. The truth is that not I've thought lot and me came out from within try, for her not to return to spend what of the last races ".    Álex Márquez 5 º to 5 201 "The truth is we knew that today would have to make a very good output to try escape in the front group. I've done,'ve traced various positions upon reaching the first corner, but later I I have clogged with Folger and Miller, and those in front have caught few meters that I tried reduce. When Maverick [Viñales] stood before them recuperating a little, but as soon Rins led, stretched the group. Al end, in the fight with Oliveira, I have committed a small error in the last lap and I have not able to overtake. But I have that be happy, because I've gone whole race giving my one hundred percent in each lap. He left tenth, I finished fifth in a circuit that also unaware, already five seconds of first, so I go on vacation with good flavor of mouth ".