Puig presents its new adjustable windscreen for BMW

The accessory will be available for the F750GS, F850GS and F850GS Adventure models of the German brand.

Improving the safety and riding experience on board our bikes is Puig's maximum motivation. After months of aerodynamic tests at the facilities of the manufacturer of Granollers, the new adjustable screen from Puig for the BMW Trail Range results in two complementary and adjustable screens, their main objective is the elimination of turbulence generated in the frontal area of the helmet of the rider and the improvement of the riding sensations.

Made of high impact acrylic 4 mm thick, with round dot finish, it is designed to fulfil two essential functions when riding: First Puig has developed this new product with the intention of offering maximum adaptability from the screen to the rider, since each rider has a different height, its own riding position and preferences regarding aerodynamic protection.

Through a discreet and easy-to-use guide system, it allows you to move the upper part of the screen +/- 80mm depending on the needs while riding, the rider can adjust the screen size and place it exactly on the position in which you are most comfortable, where the air and sound do not generate any discomfort for riding.

Achieving with it a product with a compact design capable of withstanding high speeds with the original anchor points of the motorcycle.

The mobile upper portion of the screen is created to generate an air flow between the two pieces when it is in its highest position, creating a flow that eliminates air and sound turbulence from the front of the rider, improving visibility to ensure safer riding and avoiding possible distractions on long-term trips.

It should be noted that the Catalan brand has developed a special hardware for the BMW F750GS model since the original screen is different from that of the top models.

Secondly, this screen provides a considerable aesthetic improvement, giving this part of the motorcycle character and style, perhaps not achieved with the original screen. An aesthetic that also changes according to the position of the screen, being more discreet in its low position, for city and off-road and providing more character and a better vision through in its highest position, designed for interurban routes or unfavourable weather.

This is a great development exercise carried out jointly between the aerodynamics department and the design department at Puig. Essential interdepartmental collaboration to generate a quality product that guarantees greater safety, but at the same time enhancing the aesthetic line of one of the most sought-after two-wheelers on the market.