New Vintage 2.0 frame slider

Puig reinterprets the design of the Vintage model and launches a new timeless style fram slider with high doses of customization.

The Vintage 2.0 frame slider will be perfectly combined with all types of motorcycles, both sport and custom, at the same time that it will protect the machine against possible falls.


Many owners choose to install frame sliders on their motorcycles. They are known as anti-fall stops, due to their external protection function against possible impacts at low speeds. Now, the new Puig Vintage 2.0 protector reinterprets the concept of the first buffers, which are usually more basic, simple and robust. Its cylindrical shapes, less worked, do not fit with the personality of some riders and there arises a new need to cover.


The Puig Vintage 2.0 fram slider, with a double section and grooves in the block itself, allows a better customization of the piece and the whole of the motorcycle. Optionally, the buyer can add rubber rings of the color they want, so they have a double function. They are the key piece if you want to protect the treasure of every biker without forcing him to renounce the retro, sport or modern aesthetic that characterizes him.


It has the same dimensions as the frame sliders available until now, the R12 / R19, with a length of 85 millimeters. In this way, Puig facilitates its assembly and to be able to exchange the parts that were already used previously and that are available in the firm's catalog.


Its Polyamide manufacture guarantees resistance to any direct impact and sufficient friction capacity nto not create structural damage to the motorcycle's chassis. Its assembly is easy, intuitive and fast through the instructions that are included in the package. It is not necessary to have knowledge of mechanics and essential parts of the machine are not affected.