New Puig deflectors for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R / S / T and 1090 Adventure / R

The specialist in plastic protections and accessories for motorcycles incorporates lateral deflectors designed specifically for the Austrian adventure bike.

The new Puig side deflectors can now be ordered for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure and 1190 Adventure from 2017 (Ref. 9623).

The deflectors divert the airflow that impacts the lower part of the rider's body reducing the air pressure, improving significantly the comfort especially at medium and high speeds.

Its design is the result of Puig's long experience in the development of aerodynamic accessories for motorcycles, distinguished by the use of a virtual wind tunnel. The result has been aggressive forms that naturally matches the design of the adventure bike and give it a very attractive personalization.

The deflectors are made of high strength polycarbonate. As usual in Puig's product offering, its assembly is simple and reliable, and do not need conventional tools nor prior mechanical knowledge for proper installation.