New Naked front wing

Yamaha MT-09 '17 - '20 | Ref. 3482J

The new piece designed by Puig will substantially improve the aerodynamic part of the bike, avoiding the dreaded shimmie and wheelie effects, as well as providing poise when braking.


Finding the perfect balance between the aesthetics of your vehicle and the enhancement of its dynamic qualities is one of the goals that Puig pursues. For this reason, the Catalan manufacturer has designed and manufactured its new Naked front spoiler, exclusively, for the Japanese motorcycle model Yamaha MT-09.


The Naked motorcycle segment is booming given its perfect adaptation to both urban and interurban routes, safeguarding at all times its sport character with the road comfort offered by this motorcycle model.


Along these lines and with the firm intention of enhancing the dynamic characteristics of the motorcycle, Puig launches its new Naked front spoiler model for your Yamaha.


With an aggressive and sport aesthetic line, the piece, with a matt black finish, will not only provide that differential and sport touch that motorcyclists demand so much, but will also enhance the aerodynamic appearance of a motorcycle model that treasures exclusive potential.


Made of 3mm ABS, a plastic material highly resistant to possible impacts and with reduced weight, the new Naked front spoiler will provide the motorcycle with additional protection in an unprotected part. Its particular shapes (single piece with 380mm width and 135mm height) will allow to distribute the gusts of wind while driving, channeling them and redirecting them towards the radiator.


In addition to its aesthetic and protective contribution, the new Naked front spoiler from Puig will especially enhance the aerodynamic aspect of your Yamaha, a fact that will enhance your experience on board it. The special design of the piece allows to generate a greater downforce effect on the front wheel, about 2Kg more, substantially increasing the anti-wheelie and anti-shimmie effect, giving your motorcycle greater poise when braking and improving stability when shifting, steering and driving at high speeds.


One of the concerns of motorcyclists when adapting new accessories to their vehicles is the concern of having to pierce sensitive parts of the motorcycle, an aspect that is not a problem with the new Naked front wing from Puig as it adheres to the motorcycle using a 3mm thick metal support. No need for special tools or advanced mechanical knowledge.