Naked Front Spoiler

Naked Front Spoiler for motorcycle Yamaha MT-09 2020

Boost the aesthetics and sport character, as well as improving the aerodynamic aspect, of your motorcycle with the Naked front spoiler from Puig.

Designed in Barcelona with the most innovative technologies, the new Naked front spoiler is made of 3mm thick matte black ABS, a material highly resistant to any type of impact, which gives your motorcycle an aggressive and elegant look that you are looking for.

In the aerodynamic aspect, the new Naked front spoiler from Puig channels the air that reaches the radiator frontally and, thanks to its shapes, provides almost 2kg of downforce on the front wheel, generating, in turn, an anti-wheelie effect; anti-shimmie effect (greater stability at high speeds), more poise when braking and greater stability when changing direction.

The assembly will be a simple and fast task, without the need for specific mechanical knowledg, since it is fixed to the vehicle through a 3 mm thick metal support.

You will be able to know all the characteristics and benefits of the new Naked front spoiler from Puig with the aerodynamic study that accompanies the product. In addition, next to it, you will find the easy and intuitive assembly instructions, and a video that will show you the steps to follow.

Product’s information

Puig's Naked front spoiler has been designed to give your Yamaha more sport character and greater aggressiveness, in addition to providing your bike with greater volume and balance at the front, channeling the air that reaches the radiator and generating almost 2Kg of Downforce on the front wheel.

Puig's new product has been designed in Barcelona, ​​using the most advanced technologies, and is made of 3mm thick matt black ABS (380mm wide and 135mm high), a highly impact resistant material. Its finish provides a new, more aggressive and elegant look, regardless of the color of your Yamaha.

The spoiler is made up of a single piece with air intakes, which channel and redirect it to the radiator.

Being made of ABS, the spoiler has a low maximum weight that is negligible during the driving.

The task of mounting the new Naked front spoiler from Puig to your Yamaha will be an easy and quick task (2 minutes approx.) And does not require specific mechanical knowledge or affect any critical area of ​​your vehicle.

In addition to the aesthetic improvement on your motorcycle, the Naked front spoiler from Puig will enhance the aerodynamic appearance of your Yamaha by generating greater downforce, with almost 2kg on the front axle. Fact that translates into: Greater anti-wheelie effect; greater anti-shimmie effect, more poise when braking and greater stability when changing direction.

Along with the piece, Puig provides a simple and intuitive assembly instructions as well as the corresponding aerodynamic study carried out on the piece.

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