M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)
M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)

M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism) for motorcycle Yamaha MT-09 2020

Improves the performance of your motorcycle and provides an aerodynamic protection adaptable to each moment and situation of your driving thanks to the manual elevation mechanism for your screen (M.E.M.).

It is a compact mechanism that allows you to modify the position of the screen of your motorcycle without tools to adapt itself to the different situations that the route demands. You can raise and increase the aerodinamic protection on fast roads or adverse weather conditions, and you can also decrease it in the city or when driving offroad for a wide field view without interference, or for a sport look.

You can use the mechanism and place the screen in the position you want with a quick and easy twist on the fixings, and fix it again with just your hands, without the need of tools. The mechanism works for your OEM screen or for Puig screens for your motorcycle.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the most care to detail to offer you an exclusive product that completes your motorcycle and provides the best features, its supports are resistant as well as light and discreet.

It is delivered with detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can install the product quickly and easily without the need for mechanical knowledge.

Product’s information

Weather conditions can vary significantly during one day on the motorcycle, while the needs of the rider can also change. In spring, for example, cold mornings give way to warmer temperatures and curvy sections link with expressways. These alterations affect negativily the comfort on the go, but can be reduced thanks to accessories such as the M.E.M, the Puig Manual Lifting Mechanism. This piece will allow you to improve the aerodynamics and protection of your MT-09 quickly and functionally, modifying the screen position on your naked bike without the need to carry tools.

Its operation is simple, thanks to the aluminum eccentric lever, the rider can release the screen and move it through the “S” -shaped guide without any effort. This lever is designed to be light, strong and easy to operate, which is key to not needing tools.

The rider can move the screen up to 80 millimeterswith one hand. Due to the shape of the guide, that operation will bring the screen closer to your body, increasing aerodynamic protection. This position is ideal for highways, adverse weather conditions, or areas with loose surfaces such as gravel and stones. As soon as these conditions are overcome, the mechanism can be placed in its lowest position to improve the field of vision and maintain the sporty look of the MT-09.

It comes equipped with high-quality acrylic (CN) side deflectors that have been designed to improve the aerodynamics of the component without affecting the design of the bike. Its rounded exterior shape and smoked-tone finish blend perfectly with the futuristic and aggressive character of the MT-09. The anchors are hidden under black covers that blend with the looks of its front end.

The Puig Manual Lifting Mechanism is sold separately to fit Puig Sport or Puig Touring windscreens, available in various colors. This product is backed by the Hi-Tech Parts team and meets the firm's quality standards. The MEM supports are made of 2 mm iron and have been treated to prevent corrosion without affecting their lightness and design.

The ABS plastic covers in matt black color perfectly match the futuristic style of the MT-09, protecting the anchors discreetly. The measurement of the product is 290 x270 millimeters.

It can be installed to the front of your naked bike in just 15 minutes, thanks to the detailed instructions manual included in the package, without the need for prior mechanical knowledge.

Placing the mechanism in its highest position increases aerodynamic protection by 72% (with the Touring screen from Puig). The protection against possible impacts also improves up to 60%, compared to 5% of the windshields without the M.E.M.

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M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism) For Yamaha MT-09 2020

Compatible only with Naked New Generation Puig Ref.9377

Thickness: 4 mm



TEST Ref. 9955


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