M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)
M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)

M.E.M. (Manual Elevation Mechanism)

Improves the performance of your motorcycle and provides an aerodynamic protection adaptable to each moment and situation of your driving thanks to the manual elevation mechanism for your screen (M.E.M.).

It is a compact mechanism that allows you to modify the position of the screen of your motorcycle without tools to adapt itself to the different situations that the route demands. You can raise and increase the aerodinamic protection on fast roads or adverse weather conditions, and you can also decrease it in the city or when driving offroad for a wide field view without interference, or for a sport look.

You can use the mechanism and place the screen in the position you want with a quick and easy twist on the fixings, and fix it again with just your hands, without the need of tools. The mechanism works for your OEM screen or for Puig screens for your motorcycle.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the most care to detail to offer you an exclusive product that completes your motorcycle and provides the best features, its supports are resistant as well as light and discreet.

It is delivered with detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can install the product quickly and easily without the need for mechanical knowledge.
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