Windshield V-Tech Line Touring
Windshield V-Tech Line Touring
Windshield V-Tech Line Touring
Windshield V-Tech Line Touring

Windshield V-Tech Line Touring for motorcycle Yamaha NMAX 125 2021

Give your bike extra protection with the V-Tech Line Touring Windshield from Puig.
Manufactured in 4mm high impact acrylic, it has been carefully designed, developed and tested in the wind tunnel to achieve maximum efficiency and strength in the face of inclement weather and gusty wind, guaranteeing a high degree of aerodynamic resistance.

Its main feature is the angled shape in its central and lateral section that facilitates air channelling, redirecting it to the lateral areas and minimizing turbulence.

In addition to its functionality, Puig has wanted to take care of the image of your motorcycle, so they have designed the piece in 4 different finishes: black, clear, smoked and dark smoked.

It is easy to assamble and you can have the V-Tech line Touring Windshield in a few minutes. To facilitate the work, Puig offers an instruction booklet with it.

Check if the part is homologated by the German KBA and if it is already included in the homologation in the DOCUMENTS section.

Product’s information

The new V-Tech Touring screen has been specially designed to guarantee the best aerodynamic protection for your vehicle. Its generous dimensions, both in its height, its width and its characteristic V-shape, diverts the air from vital areas of the rider, without losing aerodynamic coefficient.

Developed by Puig engineers and designers, the new V-Tech Touring Screen adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of your motorcycle, thanks to its clear finish. The part is made of high quality CN acrylic material and is shown to be UV resistant.

Its total measurements are 840mm high by 615 wide by 4mm thick. In addition, it has rounded edges, a fact that complies with the strictest safety regulations. The piece is certified by the German TÜV.

Adhering to the bike is an easy and fast task, being able to attach a multi-adjustable visor of number 3, fixed with screws or with the clip-on system.

The V-Tech screen improves substantially (up to 45%) the aerodynamic protection of both the rider, as well as the arms, forearms and hands.

Puig provides the assembly instructions and the comparative study of the product together with the piece.

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