Windshield V-Tech Line Sport
Windshield V-Tech Line Sport
Windshield V-Tech Line Sport

Windshield V-Tech Line Sport for motorcycle Honda FORZA 750 2021

Improve the sporty image of your motorcycle with the V-Tech Line Sport Puig screen. The screen belongs to the V-Tech Line design and has been developed in the wind tunnel to ensure its aerodynamic improvement, as well as its stability. In addition to its aerodynamic resistance, its angular shape in the central and lateral portions allows the redirecting and channelling of the wind and therefore minimizing turbulence.
For some particular motorcycle models, an aerodynamic test is developed to improve this new screen for your motorcycle.

In case that you prefer an option that guarantees more protection against the wind, Puig also has the V-Tech Touring windshield.

Product’s information

Protect yourself from the wind and enhance the image of your Honda Forza 750 with the V-Tech Line Sport screen from Puig.

The V-Tech Line Sport screen has an elegant and exquisite design to adapt to your Honda Forza 750. It brings that extra differential of style and protection to the look of your motorcycle. Available in various colors, its shapes blend with your bike, giving it that racing character and look you are looking for.

Puig's V-Tech Line Sport screen is 210mm lower than the original, a difference that enhances the personality of the piece, allowing a greater field of vision for the rider, while maintaining a certain protection in adverse weather conditions.

Its particular "V" design deflects the gusty wind, away from the rider and avoiding uncomfortable turbulence.

Designed in Barcelona, ​​the V-Tech Line Sport visor by Puig is a piece that, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, will improve the aerodynamic protection of the rider's shoulders and arms.

Made of high-end CN methacrylate and 4mm thick, it will be strong and resistant to possible impacts and splashes. In addition, its rounded Ø4mm edges guarantee maximum rider safety.

Its total measurements are 310mm wide and 430mm high and it is available in clear, smoked, dark smoked and black.

The assembly of the screen is a simple task that will not take you more than 5 minutes. You only have to remove the original screen and replace it with the one from Puig with the same screws. It is not necessary to have specific knowledge of mechanics.

The V-Tech Line Sport screen has been carefully designed, developed and tested in the virtual wind tunnel to guarantee the best aerodynamic results. In order to achieve that with the reduction in height with respect to the OEM screen, the loss of protection does not generate uncomfortable turbulence for the rider.

Along with the piece, Puig serves the German TÜV homologation certificate.

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Windshield V-Tech Line Sport For Honda FORZA 750 2021


210 mm. lower than the original
Thickness: 4 mm

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