Windshield Highway

Windshield Highway

Continuing with the Puig Custom design line, the Highway Windshield form Puig will be the perfect relief from your old windshield, giving you perfect protection against the gusty wind and the possible inclemencies that appear on the road.
Manufactured in 3mm thick high impact acrylic, material highly resistant to possible impacts and with great aerodynamic resistance, the highway windshield will provide your motorcycle with that additional protection against the wind and cold that you long for.

The installation of the piece is easy and comes with the classic Puig instruction booklet to be able to enjoy your new fairing in a few minutes. In addition, the piece will be perfectly fixed thanks to its two attachment points.

This fairing is adaptable to the majority of CUSTOM motorcycles on the market and is offered together with a complete assembly kit.

The Highway Windshield is a product tested by the German TÜV and has ABE approval certificate 38007.

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