Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on
Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on
Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on
Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on

Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on for motorcycle Ducati MULTISTRADA V4 2021

If you are thinking of a superior protection for your window, the multigravailable Clip-on Puig visor is the solution. It is a multirregular visor that will provide you with the necessary protection before the cracked wind and the possible weather conditions during the route.
Adaptable for Puig u original screens of your motorcycle, it has the particularity of being able to adapt to all of them without needing to bore the original piece, as it has the revolutionary system designed by Puig Clip-on. This visor is suitable for domes with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and is available in three different sizes so that the piece adapts to the need of each user.

Although it is available for all types of domes, it is necessary to verify their compatibility beforehand.
The multi-regulating visor Puig is a product certified by the German TÜV and has the approval ABE 31240.

Models of Visors and deflectors

  • Multi-adjustable Visor 2.0. Fixed with Screws
  • Multi-adjustable Visor 2.0. Clip-on
  • Multi-Adjustable Visor Fixed with Screws
  • Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on
  • Screen Deflector
  • Visors Spares
  • Visors Spares 2.0.
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Multi-adjustable Visor Clip-on For Ducati MULTISTRADA V4 2021

Multiadjustable visor for Puig Touring Screen

Visor Nº3: 102X325mm



Technical features

  • ​Check the ABE HOMOLOGATION document if the product is homologated for your motorcycle
  • Suitable for screen thicknesses between 3 and 5mm. It is not necessary to pierce the dome to hold the visor.
  • Ref. 6319
  • Ref. 6320
  • Ref. 6375

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