Multiregulable Visor Clip-On

Multiregulable Visor Clip-On

Multi-adjustable visor adaptable to our PUIG and OEM windscreens. The visor is fixed by our revolutionary system called “Clip-on”. With that System is not necessary to drill the windscreen in order to mount it. The “Clip-on” system is suitable for screens with thickness between 3 and 5mm. We have three sizes of visors so that you can choose the one that best suit the windscreen of your motorcycle.

  • Visor no.1: 90x230mm
  • Visor no.2: 100x277mm
  • Visor no.3: 102x325mm

If you are not sure which visor fits your screen, please contact with [email protected].

Models of Visors and deflectors

  • Multi-Adjustable Visor Fixed with Screws
  • Multiregulable Visor Clip-On
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Technical features

  • TÜV
  • Suitable for screen thicknesses between 3 and 5mm. It is not necessary to pierce the dome to hold the visor.
  • Ref. 6319
  • Ref. 6320
  • Ref. 6375


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