Tankpad Scooter Scratch Saver
Tankpad Scooter Scratch Saver

Tankpad Scooter Scratch Saver

Protect and change the image of the bottom of your Maxiscooter with the new range of Tank pad "Scracth Saver" by PUIG. This part is adaptable to any type of scooter, thanks to having a deposit protector for each model of motorcycle, even for other models such as the "crossover" X-ADV.

"Scracth Saver" will take care of vulnerable parts of your motorcycle in the event of impacts, scratches and also scratches from the rider's shoes when getting on and off the scooter. In addition, it provides a new image for the scooter without altering the looks.
The design of the Tankpad makes it resistant to the exposure of the part to ultraviolet rays, so this part won’t deteriorate when exposed to the sun. Not only provides protection to the scooter, but gives better grip to the rider to create a more comfortable riding experience.

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Tankpad Scooter Scratch Saver For Universal

Technical features

  • Easy installation
  • Impact resistant
  • Protection anti scratch
  • Anti Scratch
  • UV resistant


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