Spool slider Pro
Spool slider Pro
Spool slider Pro
Spool slider Pro

Spool slider Pro

Spools work as a guide to fit a stand and easily raise your motorcycle, quickly and safely. In this case, we present the Spool Pro by Puig. Manufactured from an anodized aluminium billet (reduced weight of 32 gr), it will guarantee the protection of the swingarm from possible scratches thanks to the fact that it comes with a black nylon washer with the Puig Hi-Tech Parts etched on it.

To facilitate assembly, the guide for fitting the spool and its thread are machined from the same billet block.

Bear in mind that the Spool Pro is offered in pairs and although the references fit with the vast majority of motorcycles, the measurements of the piece and the thread must be checked beforehand.

Models of Spools

  • Spool slider Pro
  • Spools
  • Protective Spool
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Technical features

    The swingarm is protected by the incorporation of the nylon washer.

    Manufactured from a mass of milled and anodized aluminum or nylon for greater robustness.

  • Fixation
    Lace guide with the easel to raise the motorcycle off the ground quickly and safely.



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