Protective Spool

Protective Spool

The spool is an anchor point used to be able to raise your motorcycle easily and safely.The spool from PUIG is the perfect option to add to your bike since it is made from anodized billet aluminium or nylon to provide greater strength to the piece, making it more resistant. In spite of hardness, the spool has a reduced weight of 32 gr.

The part, in addition to its functionality, also fulfils the purpose of protecting the swingarm thanks to the incorporation of the nylon washer.
This product is offerd in pairs and it should be taken into account that, although the references that appear in the table are for most bikes, the measurements of the original part and its thread must be verified.

Models of Spools

  • Spool slider Pro
  • Spools
  • Protective Spool
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Technical features

    The swingarm is protected by the incorporation of the nylon washer.

    Manufactured from a mass of milled and anodized aluminum or nylon for greater robustness.

  • Fixation
    Lace guide with the easel to raise the motorcycle off the ground quickly and safely.


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