Thin Turn Lights

Thin Turn Lights

The Puig Progressive turn signals are the latest trend for motorcycle personalization. Its small size (76x27,40 mm) and transparent lenses give a touch that complements and enhances the looks of the motorcycle.
Its progressive ignition, in addition to offering a very attractive image, attracts more attention when driving, thus improving safety with respect to conventional turn signals.
Its operation is based on LED lamps controlled by an electronic relay. If the motorcycle has a series of indicators with a bimetallic relay, the frequency of switching on and off may be different from the original one.

-Note: if you do not know what type of relay the motorcycle is mounted, we recommend checking the signal rhythm after installing the indicator.
If the original indicators are changed by others that use incandescent lights, it is necessary to verify that they are of the same power. In our catalog we have lights of different powers.
If the turn signals are replaced by others with LED lights (much less powerful than incandescent lights), we have two options to balance the on-off frequency:

1. Mount a parallel resistor in the right circuit and another one in the left one. If we change the four turn signals, it is necessary to use resistance Ref. 4298O. If only two are changed (one on each side), use resistance Ref. 5873O. The resistors are supplied with a scheme to make a parallel installation.

-Note: on most motorcycles, warnings are disabled if resistance is used.
2. Identify the relay of frequency of the motorcycle (location and number of pins) and replace it with the corresponding one. On most motorcycles, warnings work correctly when the relay is replaced.

-Note: we can find in the market motorcycles that do not have the flasher relay; obviously, in this case it cannot be replaced. Also, if more than one relay intervenes in the on-off function, it is possible that changing only one relay does not solve the problem.

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