Rearview mirror Hypernaked
Rearview mirror Hypernaked
Rearview mirror Hypernaked

Rearview mirror Hypernaked

Puig's non-homologated Hypernaked rearview mirrors are the perfect balance between a simple and minimalist design and the dynamism adapted to tomorrow’s motorcycles.

The product is manufactured from billet aluminium, making it very resistant to impacts and making it an ultralight piece. In addition, the piece is anodized to improve its surface and achieve a more aesthetic finish. To preserve the image of the motorcycle, Puig serves the mirror in two different colors: aluminium and black.

It is a mirror with high modularity thanks to its 30mm extension and its three axes of rotation, being adjustable in its inclination and allowing the extension of the mirror.

The dimensions of the mirror are 55mm tall and 230-260mm wide due to the possibility of extending the mirror.
As for its adaptation to the motorcycle, the mirror can be attached to the motorcycle by means of a rod or it has adapters for the right-hand mirror (M10x1.25 with left thread) to mount it on the original fairing of the motorcycle.

Models of Rearview Mirrors

  • Rearview Mirror Fold
  • Rearview mirror Retro
  • Rearview mirror Hypernaked
  • Rearview mirror Explorer
  • Rearview mirror GT
  • Rearview Mirror GT.1
  • Rearview mirror GTI
  • Rearview mirror F1
  • Rearview Mirror F1.1
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 1
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 2
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 3
  • Rearview mirror RS1
  • Rearview mirror RS2
  • Rearview mirror MT
  • Rearview mirror MG
  • Rearview mirror Z1
  • Rearview Mirror Z2
  • Rearview mirror Grand Tracker
  • Rearview mirror Tracker
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 4
  • Rearview mirror MP
  • Rearview Mirror Monaco
  • Rearview Mirror Look
  • Rearview Mirrors Caps
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Right Back Mirror

Includes screw M10/125 + M10/125 left thread + screw M8/125 + M8/125 left thread

Left Back Mirror

Includes screw M10/125 + screw M8/125

Technical features

    145 x 48mm
    Inclination, adjustment and extendable mirror
    Handlebar and adaptors available for original fairing
    Produced from billet aluminium and anodized afterwards


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