Retro Infill Panels Spares

Retro Infill Panels Spares

Puig side covers for Retro motorcycles. They improve the aesthetics of the motorcycle by covering hollow areas, and protect the driver and the motorcycle from dirt on all tracks.

With the retro side covers, the vintage motorcycles receive a touch of personalization that makes them even more special, always respecting the aesthetic concept of the original design of the motorcycle.

Depending on the model, the side covers are available in aluminum or ABS, in matt black or carbon-look colors. They are also supplied as universal spare parts, without hardware, available for both the plastic version and the aluminum version.

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Retro Infill Panels Spares For Universal

Material: ABS Plastic

Supports not included

Scrambler side covers set

Does not include hardware.

Material: Aluminium

Supports not included


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