Infill Panels
Infill Panels
Infill Panels

Infill Panels for motorcycle Honda CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN ADVENTURE SPORTS 2020

The Puig side covers have been designed to cover the hollow parts of the motorcycle protecting them from possible splashes and dirt that can adhere to riding of all kinds of tracks.
Thanks to its ABS construction, the side covers will also protect the rider from small objects that can impact you while riding.

The assembly is made with screws that are used together with instructions to facilitate their placement.

Información del producto

Complete your Africa Twin with the Puig side covers, which offer splash protection for the rider's legs while providing a better finish as they adapt perfectly to the motorcycle chassis.

They cover while not hindering since they have a peephole where you can perfectly see the level of rear brake fluid and allow access to open the seat.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the highest technologies, the side covers are made of matt black ABS, a strong, light and durable material. They are installed on the motorbike with 3mm iron supports, with a black anti-corrosion finish for discreet fixing.

Assembly is very simple and can be done in just 20 minutes following the step-by-step instructions that are delivered in paper format and can be consulted on the web.

The caps are installed with a single support on each side, which is fixed by two screws, a quick and reliable mounting.

Although they are not covers designed to be a purely aerodynamic component, but to protect the rider, their shape and position in the area of ​​the chassis make the motorcycle have a more closed volume and avoid turbulence in the rear area of ​​the motorcycle, favoring the overall aerodynamics of the motorcycle.

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Technical features

    Covers hollow areas of the motorcycle

    Protects the driver and motorcycle from dirt on all types of tracks


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