Beak Extender
Beak Extender
Beak Extender

Beak Extender for motorcycle Yamaha TENERE 700 2020

Thanks to its manufacturing in ABS (matte black), plastic material highly resistant to impacts, this peak will greatly protect the front of your motorcycle.

This part is easily installed, since it doesn’t require any drilling of the front fender.

Product’s information

The “peak” or front fender for the Yamaha Tenere 700 is your ally to complete the trail look of your motorcycle and to protect you from splashes and / or possible impacts from stones or small objects.

Of simple and elegant lines, it adapts perfectly to the minimalist lines of the Tenere 700 and manages to give your motorcycle a more off-road character.

Designed taking into account the lines of the motorcycle, and manufactured in Barcelona with the highest technologies, the "peak" or front fender is made of matte black ABS, a strong, lightweight and durable material and is installed on the motorcycle with a single 3mm iron support, with anti-corrosion finish and textured black paint for a strong and discreet fixation.

Assembly is very simple and can be done in just 15 minutes following the step-by-step instructions that are delivered in paper format and can be consulted on the web.

It is a piece whose objective is the protection against splashes and small objects, but its pointed shape has been designed to have a good aerodynamic penetration and thus help the aerodynamic coefficient of the motorcycle as a whole.

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