Clutch lever protector

Clutch lever protector for motorcycle Kawasaki Z650 2018

Cover your clutch lever against any accidental contact and add the definitive racing touch to your motorbike with this protector derived directly from the experience in MotoGP and WorldSBK. A piece that came from the need to safeguard this essential element for the motorcycle and that, on occasions, can be activated in an unexpected way for the rider, putting him in danger and modifying his usual line.

The clutch lever protector derives from the creation of that same piece for the brake. An element that has become essential in competition motorcycles. With this piece, homologated for the street, Puig Hi-Tech Parts draws its knowledge as a collaborator of the leading teams in the queen categories. Thanks to that experience, we have developed an element that prioritizes the protection and integration of this piece into the original motorcycle as a whole. For this reason, a bidirectional adjustment system (longitudinal and perpendicular) of the protector with respect to the cuff has been developed.

Its manufacture is made from a machined block of high-performance aluminum, with subsequent anodizing to improve its protection and final finish. A process that improves the durability of the protector and allows a greater customization of the motorcycle, working together with the brake lever protector.

The universal version of the protector allows mounting it on handlebars with an inner diameter of 13 to 18 millimeters, without the need to purchase a separate adapter. To find out if your motorcycle needs specific adapters, consult our catalog / website.

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  • Black REF. 3878N 18.5 + VAT

  • Blue REF. 3878A 18.5 + VAT

  • Red REF. 3878R 18.5 + VAT

  • Orange REF. 3878T 18.5 + VAT

  • Green REF. 3878V 18.5 + VAT

  • Silver REF. 3878P 18.5 + VAT

  • Gold REF. 3878O 18.5 + VAT




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