Brake Lever Protector

Brake Lever Protector for motorcycle Kawasaki Z650 2018

The brake lever protector is born from the need to avoid accidental contact with other riders, avoiding the brake actuation and subsequent fall.

Through its design, Puig has prioritized the protection and integration of the protector in the set. A two-way adjustable system for the protector, longitudinal and perpendicular to the grip, has been accomplished.

Aesthetically,the arrow shape of this part’s endingis a highlight that provides dynamism and allows you to customize and match the set with the color of your bike’s other components.

It is manufactured by machining a billet aluminium block and is then anodized to provide protection and color.

There is a universal version that allows it to install on handlebars with an internal diameter of 13 to 18 mm without the need for an adapter, but we also have specific adapters for motorcycles that require it. The clutch-side counterweight is also available to unify the bike’s components.

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Adapters for Brake Lever Protector of Kawasaki Z650 2018

Left Bar End Weight

If you want the counterweight on the clutch side of your motorcycle to be the same as the counterweight included in the brake lever protector, you must order this separate reference.

  • Black REF. 3770N 9.9 + VAT

Spares Brake Lever Protector of Kawasaki Z650 2018

Tip protector for brake lever - Spare

  • Black REF. 3766N 18.5 + VAT

  • Blue REF. 3766A 18.5 + VAT

  • Red REF. 3766R 18.5 + VAT

  • Orange REF. 3766T 18.6 + VAT

  • Green REF. 3766V 18.5 + VAT

  • Silver REF. 3766P 18.5 + VAT

  • Gold REF. 3766O 18.5 + VAT



Technical features

  • Brake Lever Protector
  • Brake Lever Protector


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